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“He Won’t Drink All of His Poop Medicine!”

A problem I hear over and over from parents is that they are unable to get their child to finish all of their PEG laxative. Chapter 13 of my book contains a section titled, “How to get children to drink laxatives.” One suggestion is to mix the powder predissolved in a cold food such as ice cream, yogurt or a smoothie.

Recently, a mother told me about another cold food that works well for her child:

“I have found a way to be certain that my son gets all of his laxative. I have always had trouble making sure he drinks all of the juice I mixed it in. Recently, my mom bought us a Zoku popsicle maker. I make him a popsicle every night with his dose mixed in and he looks forward to it. He eats the entire popsicle, and, therefore, I know he has finished “drinking” all of his poop medicine.”

Popsicles! What a great idea, especially during these warm summer days.  Thanks to this mother for emailing!