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Recommended Products: "Big Potty" Step Stool

Though the features and brands are always changing, I have been recommending certain types of products to my patients for years. The ones I feature here are my current favorites. 

Last month I featured the best children's potty chair. For those children who typically sit on the "big potty," it is very important that the child's feet rest flat on a hard surface. This helps the child feel more secure and, together with the handles on a toilet seat insert (next month's featured product), provides leverage when he or she tries to "push".

I am partial to the Little Looster's Looster Booster or the Squatty Potty shown below. Their widths allow a child more ways to climb up and down from the toilet safely and makes it easier to spread their legs apart while keeping their feet firmly planted on the hard surface. I also like the BABYBJÖRN Safe Step because of its solid construction and no-slip rubber base.








Little Looster's Looster Booster


Squatty Potty