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Educational Resources

Your Very Own Softy the Poop!Softy_1_Thumb_550x550

Everyone needs a Softy! Cute and cuddly stuffed Softy the Poops are available for purchase. Each Softy is handmade in the USA, approximately 9" long x 8.5" wide, made of 100% polyester and is machine washable (gentle).  Please note that Softy comes in a plain box and gift wrapping or gift notes are NOT available.

Each Softy is handmade and the Softy you receive may have slight variations from the Softy shown in the picture.

Price = $42.95 (USD ONLY) Sorry, only ships to USA addresses.
Includes FREE SHIPPING (5-7 Business Days)!

SPECIAL COMBO Package: Stuffed Softy + Softy the Poop Kids Book

Price = $45.95 (USD ONLY) Sorry, only ships to USA addresses.
Includes FREE SHIPPING (5-7 Business Days)!



Dr. Tom's Poop Book for Kids   SoftyThePoop_Cover300px 

Why does Softy like to be soft and not hard?

What does a Softy look like?

How can kids help Softy the Poop stay soft?  

This soft-cover, full-color illustrated book teaches all kids, not just those with functional constipation, the basics of healthy poop talk and behavior.  While it will certainly be helpful for those who are going through Dr. Tom's Six Steps, it is also indispensable for non-constipated kids and during potty training!  Some comments from parents:

"Grace (3.5 yrs) loves the book! We read it together today about 15 times and now she likes to read it to me. Today, she took it to show her grandma. She is especially interested in the picture of the boy crying because it hurts. She focuses on that page and talks about it a lot. I am starting to think that she has been thinking that she is the only one who cries because it hurts. Thank you for the book.

"Today our almost 5-year old called to me from the bathroom, "Mom, I just made a Softy!" I asked if it was hard or soft? She said, "It was hard at the beginning but soft at the end. I need to drink more water. I also let him play with his paper friends!"  She then wanted to draw her poop like the activity in the book.  Thanks for giving our family words (and pictures) for something we didn't know how to talk about before."

"This book may be for kids, but I now find myself evaluating my own poop and editing my diet to avoid constipation myself!  I just bought it to send to my mother (76 yrs old) who is battling constipation in her old age."

"Poop talk in our house has evolved from silly to serious thanks to Softy. Thank goodness."

Retail Price = $10.95 (USD)
Our Price = 9.95 (USD)

(Sorry, not for individual sale to Canada.)


FREE! Educational Animation: The Food to Poop Tube

Teach your child how our body makes poop with this fun GI tract animation called “The Food-to-Poop Tube." The animation shows how food becomes poop: the animations starts when food goes in the mouth, then moves through the digestive system and finally arrives at the bottom as poop. 

Click here to view the animation. (Note: This animation requires Flash.)


FREE! Educational Poster & Coloring Pages: The Food to Poop Tube

The Food-to-Poop Tube illustration is available as both a color PDF  for you to print and use as a visual aid to teach your child about his/her digestion, and in black and white for you to print for your child to color. (Please note that it may take up to a minute for the pages below to load onto your screen after clicking.)

Click here to print or download the Color PDF (1.1MB)

Click here to print or download the Black & White (200KB)




FREE! Bristol Stool Chart PDF

This is an 8.5” x 11” downloadable and printable color version of the Bristol Stool Chart as referenced in Dr. Tom's book.

Click here to print or download the Bristol Stool Chart.





FREE! Dr. Tom's Weekly Laxative & Stool Report Form

Collecting information about your child’s daily bowel movements is critical for treatment success.  This is an 8.5” x 11” downloadable and printable version of the WLSR found in the appendix of Dr. Toms book, The Ins and Outs of Poop. The book provides instructions about how to fill out the record.

Click here to print or download Dr. Tom's Weekly Laxative and Stool Report Form (30KB)



PURCHASE: Specialized Incentive or "Star" Chart PDF Set - $8 USD

Dr. Tom's book contains sample incentive charts that break down treatment for the most common problem behaviors into easy to follow steps that can be rewarded by parents.

Many parents choose to make their own charts using Dr. Tom's samples as a starting point, but sometimes it's easier if they are already prepared.

This PDF contains printable color versions of the six incentive charts in the book. Many children will require more than one of these charts during their course of treatment. Details on which charts to use and how to use them successfully is available in The Ins and Outs of Poop.

The charts address:


- LEARNING TO PUSH - Good Pushing Chart

- FEAR OF SITTING ON THE TOILET - Good Sitting on the Toilet to Poop Chart

- FEAR OF POOPING ON THE TOILET - Good Pooping on the Toilet Chart

  • ONLY POOPS IN A PULL-UP OR DIAPER/WILL SIT ON TOILET - Good Sitting on the Toilet in a Diaper Chart

    - ONLY POOPS IN A PULL-UP OR DIAPER/WON'T SIT ON TOILET - Good Pooping on the Spot Chart

$8 USD: Printable, color PDF containing all six 8.5" x 11" incentive charts
(Please note: The PDF will be emailed to you as an attachment after payment is received. You are responsible for printing your own charts.)




Flushable wipes cause sewage overflow

This post is for parents who use more flushable wipes than toilet paper when cleaning poopy bottoms. You may be unaware that sewer agencies and home owners with private septic systems are sounding an alarm about the rapidly growing use of moistened “personal” wipes because they clog sewer pipes and pumps, causing sewage to overflow into streams and back up into basements. (See related article below)

The problem is not that flushable wipes don’t flush, the problem is the amount of time it takes for the wipes to break apart after they are flushed.  Consumer Reports evaluated how long it takes for toilet paper and wipes to break apart. They found that toilet paper breaks apart in 7 seconds whereas flushable wipes take longer than 30 minutes! It’s clear why clogs occur when you consider the fact that in some utility systems it takes only a couple of minutes for wipes to reach a sewer pump.

To be safe as well as environmentally conscious, flush toilet paper but put wipes in the trash.