Counselor Says Child's Encopresis Is Caused By Poor Parenting
Is it safe to give my child Miralax?

"One phone conversation turned everything around for good. Thanks Dr Tom!

I was truly at the end of my rope when a Google search finally brought me to Dr. Tom (I had done several in the past, just not the right combo).  I cried myself to sleep some nights wondering how this would ever resolve.  My son was 5.  I had taken him to his Pediatrician, a GI specialist, gotten him custom self-hypnosis CD’s, tried aromatherapy, a chiropractor that did energy work, 2 child psychologists, an occupational therapist to help him “push”, and this was all after trying all of the known methods for potty training.  I was very concerned about Kindergarten and his delicate self-esteem.  One 45-minute PHONE session with Dr. Tom turned everything around for good!  Within 2 days, my son was mostly accident-free.  After a few weeks, we have worked out a regimen that has had him regular, mostly accident-free, & so much more happy & confident.  Dr. Tom has been extremely accessible to all of my questions/concerns which has made a HUGE difference.  The impact Dr. Tom has made in our lives is beyond words.  This has been such a big deal for so long and now we have moved on to other, more interesting things like learning math!  Thanks, Dr. Tom!