Is drinking more water a treatment for functional constipation (encopresis)?
Are daily enemas necessary to treat constipation/encopresis?

Best time of day to give a laxative such as Miralax?


"What is the best time of day to give Miralax to my 3-year-old? Should we give it to him at the same time each day? Approximately how long does it take to produce stool? I don't want it to interfere with his nap at 2pm. He eats breakfast at 9am and lunch at 12:30pm. Also, we're concerned about the 2 days a week he goes to preschool. Do we wait to give him the Miralax until he gets home or will that throw off his schedule?"



Miralax is a water retention laxative which, at the correct dose, works continuously in the large intestine to keep stool soft and moist. Unlike with a stimulant laxative (e.g., Ex-Lax) there is no predictable time when Miralax produces a bowel movement. Typically, when a functionally constipated child is withholding stool especially a child your son’s age, we are more concerned about him just having a bowel movement every day than we are about the exact time of day it occurs. Scheduling comes later. I always recommend giving Miralax at approximately the same time every day either in the morning or in the afternoon/early evening.