Are daily enemas necessary to treat constipation/encopresis?
But he poops! How can he be constipated?

Incentives can make a big difference

 It is not a coincidence that one of  the longest chapters in my book is the one on the use of incentives. The right incentive, when used correctly can make a big difference in the treatment of encopresis. This is especially true when you ask a child with a history of painful bowel movements to “practice” sitting on the toilet or to “try” to poop on the toilet.

One mother, who had been reluctant to use candy as an incentive, was amazed when her 4 y/o son immediately began to poop on the toilet after she offered to give him "just one" Skittle for every poop.

Equally amazed, was the mother of a 6 y/o girl who began to sit longer on the toilet to poop, only after her mother offered to let her play a game on her iPhone every time she made a “big poop." I’ll talk more about incentives in my next post.