Wipes and Diapers

Flushable wipes cause sewage overflow

This post is for parents who use more flushable wipes than toilet paper when cleaning poopy bottoms. You may be unaware that sewer agencies and home owners with private septic systems are sounding an alarm about the rapidly growing use of moistened “personal” wipes because they clog sewer pipes and pumps, causing sewage to overflow into streams and back up into basements. (See related article below)

The problem is not that flushable wipes don’t flush, the problem is the amount of time it takes for the wipes to break apart after they are flushed.  Consumer Reports evaluated how long it takes for toilet paper and wipes to break apart. They found that toilet paper breaks apart in 7 seconds whereas flushable wipes take longer than 30 minutes! It’s clear why clogs occur when you consider the fact that in some utility systems it takes only a couple of minutes for wipes to reach a sewer pump.

To be safe as well as environmentally conscious, flush toilet paper but put wipes in the trash.